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Nihonbashi / Central Bridge and financial center of Japan

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Nihonbashi - Financial center of Japan (Sept. 2010)

Nihonbashi is a name of bridge which was built at the center of Japan in 17th century.
The 5 major routes to Kyoto, north, etc, in Edo period (17-19th century) started here.
Even now, this is the zero mile point for all the cities in Japan.
This existing bridge is a reconstruction in 1911.


The is the zero mile point sign.

zero mile point sign

The sad thing is that this historical place is covered by the Metropolitan Expressway !

Nihonbashi has been a shopping district from Edo period and you can find
Mitsukoshi Departmentstore, former kimono shop opened in 1673, still in the same place !

Mitsukoshi Deparment StoreEntrance of Mitsukoshi

Inside of Mitsukoshi is nicely decorated with art-deco style.

ornament in the middlestained glass ceiling

There was a coinage mint in Edo period and there is Bank of Japan.
This is the former main building built in 1896 designed by
Kingo Tatsuno, same architect who designed Tokyo Station..

Bank of Japan

The following is the new main building of Bank of Japan.

New main building of Bank of Japan

You can also find Tokyo Stock Exchange near here.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

You can visit inside from 9 to 16:30 on weekday.
Now, the deal is done by the machine, so it is very quiet inside.

Inside of Tokyo Stock Exchange

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