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Shirakawago / Hida Takayama area

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Shirakawago/Hida Takayama area (May 2010)

Hida-Takayama area is situated in Gifu Prefecture, in the very middle of Japan.
There remains the old atmosphere of Japan.
Even Japanese people feel nostalgia when we go to this area.


Takayama is the center of this area.
It was developed as one of the areas where were governed directly by the Tokugawa Shogunate,
because this area has been abundant in timber resources.

You can see the old administrative headquaters, Jinya, in the City.

administrative headquater

Morning market is held in front of Jinya every morning.
And old streets have been conserved around it.
It is very fun to walk on these streets. You also can take rickshaw (man power taxi).

Takayama citySanmachi street

May is the season when you can appreciate the beauty of whisteria.

Whisteria on the street

Hida-Kokubunji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan that dates back to 8th century.
Bell tower gate is unique and behind the gate,
there is a enormous ginko tree which is estimated 1250 years old.

Hida-Kokubunji TempleBell tower of Hida-Kokubunji Temple

Now, Shirakawago is one hour distance by bus from Takayama Station.
You can walk in the village, but looking down from the hill is also breathtaking.

Shirakawago from the hill

The characteristics of Shirakawago is Gassho-zukuri, A-frame structure and thached roof.
More than 100 A-frame houses are still conserved and 600 people live in this village.

A-frame housethatched roof

You can visit some of the houses, which are opened for public like museum,
but part of the house is private residence.

Kanda family's house

They explain how they have lived in this house.
Most of them used to be used for silkworm cultivation on the second floor.

Silkworm factory of Kanda family house

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