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Tsukishima and Tsukudajima

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Tsukishima & Tsukudajima - Old town atmosphere (September 2009)

Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan.
But if you visit Tsukishima & Tsukudajima area, you feel quiet Shitamachi (old town) atmosphere.

You will be on the reclaimed land after you cross Sumida River by Tsukuda Ohashi Bridge.
Tsukudajima used be a small fisherman's village from Tokugawa era, 17th century.
Lighthouse is the restauration of the old one.

Lighthouse of Tsukudajima

Under the small canal, big pillar is buried which is used for the local festival.

pillar under the canal

There are 3 traditional Tsukudani (sea food boiled in soy sauce) shops.
The following shop 'Tenyasu' was opened 170 years ago!
You can buy it by measure. 350-1,000 yen for 100g.

Tsukudani shopTsukudani

Tsukuda Namiyoke Shrine was built to pray for the safety of the fisherman.
The stones around the tree were used for the competition to choose the strongest person.

Tsukuda Namiyoke Shrine

Near the shrine, there is a very very narrow path.
On the way, there is a small guardian diety of the area.

Narrow pathGuardian diety

Tsukishima area is next to Tsukudajima.
It is famous for Monjayaki, typical Japanese food.
The main street is named Monja Street because there are about 70 Monjayaki restaurant along the street.

Monja StreetMonja Street 2

I entered one of the Monjayaki restaurants.
Monjayaki is a grilled food.
First you grill the meat or sea food and vegetables on the iron plate.

MonjayakiMonjayaki 2

You make a circle with the grilled ingredients.
Then pour the soup in the circle.
Finally you mix the soup with the ingredients.
It is done! Now you can eat with small flat spoon.

Monjayaki 3Monjayaki 4

It is a self service restaurant.
But please do not worry. If you ask the staff, they will help you to make it.

Monjayaki staff

If you walk around the area, you can find a lot of narrow paths.
Old police box is an also picturesque spot.

TsukishimaPolice box

To go out from the reclaimed land area, you have to cross the Sumida River again.
There is a big bridge called Kachidokibashi.
It was built as a drawbridge in 1940.
It was drawn up when the ship passed, but it has not been drawn up since 1970.

Kachidokibashi Bridge

There is a small museum at the bottom of the bridge.
It used to be the engine house of the bridge.
The museum shows the models, motors and various videos.

Bridge Archives, KachidokiBridge Archives, Kachidoki 2

If you would like feel the atmosphere of Old Tokyo, I recommend you to visit Tsukishima & Tsukudajima area.

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