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Visit Alsace and Lorraine

Sightseeing in Alsace and Lorraine

Visit Alsace and Lorraine

Each region of France are varied. Each region is unique.
Alsace is the state of border with Germamny.

This region is appeared in the novel 'La Derniere Classe' by the Alphonse Daudet.
This novel was written at the time of French -Germany War in the late 19th century.
France was defeated by Germany and the French language teacher had to
loose his job and from tommorrow, Germany would be the national language.
So, he gave the last class to his student.

By this history, you may understand why there are many wooden German style
constructions in Alsace. Many people understand German language, too.



The center of Alsace is Strasbourg.
The old city is not a large area surrounded by the canal
and the diameter is only 2km.
So it is easy to see it on foot.

The Cathedral made with pink stones looks pretty
but 142m high tower is very sublime.
There are beautiful sculptures outside and
you find one of the oldest astronomical clock inside.

This is the must-see in Strasbourg.
In winter, Christmas market is held in front of the cathedral
which is not popular in other regions of France.

Petite France area is also interesting to visit.
You find timberwork houses.
If you want to see more, you should visit Colmar, 30 minutes distance by train.

In petit Venise area of this city,
you find a lot of timberwork pretty houses
along the canal.
It looks all handmade because
the beam wood is not strict horizontal
and it seems humorous.

The flower gives the town pomposity
and tenderness.
Many houses decorate flowers
on their terrace.
You want to promenade the town slowly, don't you?.

Colmar is a small town,
but it has world valuable museum called 'Musee d'Unterlinden'.
There you find world famous painting called 'Retable Issenheim'
by Matthias Grunewald.
Jesus on the cross strongly gives us his pain and sorrow.

Nancy is the center of Lorraine.
This is a place where artists of the art-nouveau made their works.
Emille Galle and Daum Brothers are famous.

If you visit 'Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy', you find not only glass pieces
but also restored rooms which are totally decorated with furnitures and ornaments.
You feel time-slipped to the end of 19th century.

'Place Stanislas' is gorgeous with lococo style gates and fences.
If you have a chance to stay in Nancy,
you should stay at 'Grand Hotel de la Reine' which faces to the Place Stanislas,
because you can enjoy the beautiful illumination at night.

Nancy, Place Stanislas

Pretty houses in Colmar

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