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French music

From classic to chanson

French music - From classic to chanson

France is known as a center of the art,
but also there have been a lot of well-konwn musicians.
Modern chanson is also attractive.

Classic music
When it comes to classic music,
your image may be Germany and Austria for 'Symphony',
and Italia for 'Opera'.
But there are a lot of classic composers in France.

My favorit musics are;
'L'Arlesienne' by Bizet (this is the song for the theater)
'Bolero' by Ravel (I like the atomosphere that the exitement grows little by little)
'Symphonie fantastique' by Berlioz (I like the waltz in the 2nd movement)
'Gymnopedies' by Satie (he was called the musical impressionist)


Ceiling painting by ChagallIf you have time during your visit in Paris,
please visit Opera theater
for balet, opera or concert.
I recommend older theater Opera Garnier.

The lowest ticket may cost
only about 7 euros.
It is much more economical than
just visiting the theater building
during the daytime.

Even if you are not music fan,
gorgeous foyer and ceiling painting by Chagall are worth looking.

Musette is a kind of folklore music of France played by a small accordion.
It originally was a music instrument of the farmers in 18th century.
It was sometimes played in the royal palace.
Between the end of 19th century and the first of 20th century,
the music was often played in the dance hall especially in Paris.

When you hear the word 'chanson',
you may imagine the sweet old French songs.
But actually, 'chanson' only means 'song', not the word for special music.
Anyway in mid-20th century, French chanson was just like our image.

For example, 'Autumn leaves' by Yves Montand,
'La vie en rose' by Edith Piaf,
'Irresistiblement' by Sylvie Vartan.
Famous 'Aux Champs-Elysee' and 'La Mer' are sang by the different singers.

'Mister summertime' by Japanese group Circus was originally a French song.
And don't forget Francis Lai who composed a lot of movie music,
like 'Un homme et une femme (man and woman)' and 'Love story'.

Regarding the contemporary artist,Lara Fabian
I love Lara Fabian originally from Belgium.
She is often compared with Celine Dion
(she is French-Canadian).
Lara's song varies
from strong rock to very sensitive song.
She is richly expressive.

Among her songs,
I love 'Tous' in her album 'Pure' in 1998.
Unfortunately in Japan,
we only can buy her English version albums
which does not include 'Tous'.
If you have a chance to go to France, please get this album.

Opera Garnier
Opera Garnier

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