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Visit Paris

Sightseeing in Paris

Visit Paris

Center of the tourism in France is, of course, Paris.
You can find so many touristic information about Paris by the guidebook, etc.
So I will introduce here, the fascinating aspect of urban development.

Amazing city axis of Paris
'Musee du Louvre' is one of the must-see place when you stay in Paris.
Please walk the courtyard of the museum after your visit inside.
There is a triumphal arch called 'Triomphe du Carrousel'
which was built by Napoleon in 1808.
This is smaller than 'Arc de Triomphe' at Champs-Elysees.

Triomphe du Carrousel

Please stand under the arch and look west.
Now, you can see the 'Obelisque' of Place de la Concorde
and you will find 'Arc de Triomphe' straight behind.
This is amazing, isn't it?

But that is not all. Behind the Arc,
you may find something like a square building.
It is 'Grande Arche' built in 1989 when the Paris Summit was held.

So, 'Triomphe du Carrousel', 'Obelisque', 'Arc de Triomphe'
and 'Grande Arche' stand all in the same streight line.

Whole length is 7.5km.
There is nothing among these constractions to block the view.
I was so impressed to know this fact and look with my own eyes!

Then, please go to 'Arc de Triomphe' and go up to the top. Arc de Triomphe
You can see 'Triomphe du Carrousel' and 'Grande Arche'.
It is also amazing to see the 12 roads
which spread in a radial-pattern.

If you have time, it is interesting to
go up the top of the 'Grande Arche'
and see the direction of Louvre.
The atomosphere is very modern,
you may not feel you are in Paris.
There is no car in the center, so it is like an theme park.

Enjoy Paris from the various angle
There are a lot of fascinating indoor spots in Paris
like museums and cathedrals,
but I recommend to walk in the city.
I never know anywhere else where everywhere is so picturesque.

There are many other marvelous city axises.
'Opera Garnier' from Avenue de l'Opera.
'Pantheon' from Rue Soufflot.
'Tour Eiffel' from Palais de Chaillot.
'Observatoire de Paris' from Jardin du Luxembourg...

It looks like that these constructions stand in the spotlight.
Most of these constructions were built
in mid 19th century by Napoleon the Third.

The amasing thing is these constructions come down
to the present time over hundred years.
The typical stone-made appartments are from the same time.
They had to put iron terrace on 3rd and 5th floor.

It is very pleasent to walk along the Seine River.
La Seine and Notre Dame
It takes only 1 hour
to walk from 'Ile de la Cite'
to 'Tour Eiffel'.
It is fun to drop by
the 'bouquiniste',
the open-air book vendor.

The bridges have
distinct designs.
The oldest bridge 'Pont-Neuf (which means New Bridge)',
pedestrian bridge 'Pont des Arts',
beautifully decorated 'Pont Alexandre the Third' and so on.

Let's join the event
If you have chance, you should visit the spot at the time of event.
For example, visit the churches at the mass or concert.
There are a lot of free organ concerts at the church.

Flea market is another interesting event
which is normally held during the weekend.

My favorite spot
My most favorit spot in Paris is 'Sainte Chapelle' which is in Island of Cite.
The walls are covered by the colorful stained glass 360-degree.
I recommend to visit on sunny day.
You may feel like being in the jewerly box!
Ste Chapelle

Hill of Montmartre

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