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Food culture in France

French gastronomy

Food culture in France

We hear a lot of excellent reputation about French food culture.
But after I experienced the daily table of the ordinary French family,
I thought the apotheosis of the French food is only an illusion.

Food of the daily table
I could experience the daily food of the family when I stayed with French family.
My host family served breakfast and dinner.
Host mother was a working woman who came back home at 19:30
and the dinner started at 20:00.

frozen food storeShe didn't have enough time
to cook, so during the weekday
she used frozen food
or cooked easy thing like pasta.

Just next door of our apartment,
there was a store called PICARD
who only sells frozen food.
It is like a convenience store.
They even sells frozen escargots!

More or less, this is the normal French dinner at home.
But on Sunday, she sometimes took longer time for cooking
and prepareed Pot-au-feu or Cassoulet, typical French home cuisine.

What I liked at the dinner, even though the food was simple,
I could drink red wine and they serve 3 different kinds of cheese every evening.
They change the plate when they serve cheese.
I found the importance of the cheese in the French people.

The wine was cheep one, costed only about 15 francs (300 JPY),
but I found the enjoyment having cheese with wine, during my stay.

In the morning, everybody left home different time,
so we eat bread or cereal by ourselves.

Food at the restaurant
If you want to eat economically,
you shoud choose pre-fix course rather than a la carte.
Pre-fix course normally consists of appetizer, main dish and dessert.
There are usually several choices each.

For the appetizer, you can choose salads, soup, patty, escargot and so on.

For the main dish, you can choose meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc)
or fish (salmon, sea-bream, tuna, perch, etc)
many kinds of cheese
For the dessert, you can choose, pudding,
burned pudding (Ameli liked it in the movie),
ice cream, cake (fruit tart, etc), fruit and so on.
You can also choose cheese instead of dessert.
This is very French!

I said economical,
but even the pre-fix course costs
at least 8 euros (1,000 JPY).
This is not cheep from the point of Japanese.

In Japane, we can choose many food
like Ramen (noodles), Gyudon (Beef rice bowl), etc, with very little money.
Japan is a paradise for the ordinary people.

Wine bar (Bar au vin)
If you don't want full course, wine bar will be one of your choices.
You can order wine by the glass from the variety of choice.
You can order appetize (patty, cheese, sausage, etc) to go with the wine.


cafe in ParisYou can eat snacks at cafe.
The typical foods are;
Sandwitch and
Clock Monsieur
(toast with ham and egg),

By the way,
the price of the coffee
is not always same
in the same cafe.
It depends on the seat.

The cheapest place is counter or standing place. There does't need a waiter.

Then, inside seat.

The highest is outside seat. I heard that there are 2 reasons.
Waiter has to walk longest distance,
and the cafe has to pay the fee to use the public road.
Before, I thought they set table on the street without permission.

Sandwitch shop
There are a lot of sandwitch shops.
Sandwitch is not made with the soft flat bread like Japanese images,
but they use bagette (hard french bread).
They put ham or cheese inside.

Where they eat?
It depends.
Some people eat at the office, some at school, some on the bench in the park.
I saw a lot of people eating sandwitch while walking, even a business women!
It is a funny scene in Japan, but it is not unreasonable in Paris.

Japanese restaurant
When you are away from your home country for a long time, you may miss your food.
You can find many Japanese restaurants in Paris, it is like a boom.
You can see a lot of French people in Japanese restaurant.

You should know before entering, whether there is Japanese chef or not.
If not, Miso soup is served western style,
which means they serve miso soup as an appetizer.
If you don't finish miso soup, they don't bring main dishes!

I found 'Benkei' in Novotel was really good.

Oyster is popular

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