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Visit Normandie

Sightseeing in Normandie

Visit Normandie

When I heard 'Normandie',
I used to think of 'Normandy Landings' during the World War 2.

But if you visit this area, you will never have an impression of war.
This is a peaceful place which has attracted a lot of painters.

Mont St-Michel
Mont St-Michel on the sea is the most famous scenery in Normandie.
It is also one of the representative place of France,
which appears on TV commercial many times.
The name means 'the mountain of Saint Michael'.
The whole island seems to be a cloister.

It used to be an isolated island during high tide.
Now, it conects to the mainland with the road.
But there are still quite high tidal range,
so parking area may be under the sea after several hours.

You have to climb up the long steep steps to the cloister,
but you can enjoy the shops and restaurants (omlet and ram are famous)
on the both side of the approach.

You find many different kinds of architectural styles in the cloister,
because a lot of parts are added in different period.
It is interesting to see the pully block
which was used to pull up the things from the foot of the mountain.


Old port of HonfleurOld port of Honfleur is vibrant,
but it is rather tranquil
compared to Old port of Marseille.

I like to spend the time at the cafe
looking the colorful building
along the port.

Painter Boudin, so-called
'Father of Impressionists'
used to live here.
He is not well-known in Japan,
but he took an important role that he advised toClaude Monet to paint outdoor.
If Monet didn't meet Boudin, Impressionism might not have existed.

Visit places related to Monet
Claude Monet lived in Normandie.
You can find many places which he painted.

Le Harvre is one of the most important place
where Monet painted 'Impression, Sunrise'.

If you go north from Le Harvre, you will arrive at Etretat.
The cliff of Etretat was painted by many painters like Monet and Courbet.
(The painting below is by Monet.)

Cathedral of Rouen was also painted by Monet.
He repeatedly painted in different time, different season
or even under the different climet.
He wanted to study the effect of the light on the wall of Cathedral.

If you love Monet's paintings, you must not miss Giverny.
In his house, the walls are decorated with 'Ukiyoe',
Japanese woodprint of Edo era which influenced Monet.

You should take a lot of time to walk around the garden of Monet.
If you wach the pond which Monet painted many times,
first you may notice the Nymphaea,
then you will notice the sky reflecting on the pond
and the weeds under the surface of water.

If you appreciate Monet's paintings before visiting Monet's house,
you will be able to soak up the world of his paintings.

If you appreciate his paingings after visiting Monet's house,
you may find what he really wanted to paint.

Mont St-Michel
Mont St-Michel

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