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French art 2

Enjoy museum visit

French art 2 - Enjoy museum visit

Museum of the Artist
It is interesting to follow the art course
  visiting the major museums.
But you can also enjoy visiting the museum of the certain artist
to fully appreciate his variety of works.

I love Rodin Museum.Kiss by Rodin
When I thought of Rodin,
I only imagined the 'Thinker' or 'Gate of Hell',
so my image of Rodin was very rugged.

But after visiting this museum,
my image of Rodin totally changed.

He also made a lot of works full of love
like this picture called 'Kiss'.
When I got to know his love story with his disciple,
Camille Claudel, Rodin stimulated my interest.

Regarding the sculptor's museum,
I also like Bourdelle Museum.
His works give us the strong feeling.
You can see his most famous work 'Hercules the Archer' at Orsay Museum.

Regarding the painters, I like,
Picasso Museum where you can see his variety of works in his different ages,
Gustave Moreau Museum whose works are very fantastic. You can also enjoy
the museum itself, the former nobles house with spiral stairs.

Appreciate the museum building
The art work itself is important, but you can also enjoy the museum buildings.
Many museum buildings were not built originally as museums,
so you can enjoy the atomosphere of the original building.

Louvre Museum is most famous which was a royal palais before.
The decoration of the ceiling and floor is gorgeous.
It is interesting to visit the old fortress section from the medieval time.

Orsay Museum was built as a train stationOrsay Museum
for the World Expo in 1900 (see the right photo).
Glass roof and big clock still exist.

Some parts were used as a hotel.
You can see the beautiful restaurant and
former dance hall which is now an exhibit room.

Pompidou Center was built in 1977, rather new.
It is interesting to appreciate the outside.
It is strange in the old town of Paris,
so lots of accusations appeared
when it was finished.
But now, it is one of the famous touristique places.

Petit Palais was built as the entrance of
the World Expo in 1900.

Orangerie Museum was renovated in order to exhibit Monet's 'Waterlily'

Rodin Museum and Picasso Museum were originally the mansions of the nobles.

Carte Musee (Museum Card)
You can find museum card called 'carte musee' in Paris.
You can enter most of the museums in Paris and historical monuments for free.
It is economical if you have only a few days in Paris
and want to see as many place as possible.

But if you want to visit each museum taking enough time,
then I don't recommend this card.
You need whole day in one museum,
if you really want to appreciate the works in the big museum.

Moreover, if you want to see the exposition, you have to pay separately.
So, before you buy carte musee, you have to make the plan of visiting museums.

Rodin museum
Rodin Museum

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