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Visit Ile-de-France

Sightseeing in Ile-de-France

Visit Ile-de-France

'Ile-de-France' means islands in France.
There are cities around Paris are dotted like islands
covered by the Seine River and Oise River.

Versaille is not far from Paris.
'Chateau de Versailles' is must-see place
where you can find the prosperity of the Bourbon Dynasty.
Beautifully decorated 'Galerie des Glaces' is so gorgeous!

You should also visit the garden. This geometrically planned garden is typical baroque style. Well trimed hedge, spectacular fountain with active sculptures, endlessly streched streight canal...

Le HameauIf you have time,
please walk to 'Le Hameau'.
This is contrary to
the gorgeous baroque garden,
quiet natural village.
Empress Marie Antoinette
loved this place.
If you are tired with the excessive decoration of the Chateau,
you will feel calm down here.

I used to work in the glass museum,
so I cannot pass this city of the Cathedral with famous stained glass.
This stained glass is one of the oldest one in France made in 13th century.
But it doesn't look like old with the vivid blue color.

In summer, the Cathedral and city is lighted up.
During the summer the sunset time is very late,
so the light-up starts after 10 o'clock.

If you wait in front of the Cathedral, you will find a wonderful spectacle.
Along to the solemnStained glass of Chartres religeous music,
the facade of the Cathedral is lighted.
Different colors are added
every several seconds
and finally the big picture is accomplished.
This picture is the design
of the most famous stained glass
of the Cathedral.
(This is the infomation of 2007)

I heard there is same kind of light-up event at Rouen.

Towns related to the painters
There are a lot of places related to the Impressionist painters in Ile de France.

At Auvers-sur-Oise, you can find
the church and wheat field still exist which Vincent van Gogh painted.
I was very impressed to see them.

Church in AuversGogh's painting

Alfred Sisley stayed and painted in a small town, Moret-sur-Loing.
The view of the cathedral from the opposit bank of Loing River is so beautiful!
This quiet town has medieval atomosphere.

Barbizon is the town famous for the Barbizon school painters
like Jean-Francois Millet and Theodor Rousseau.
In the city center, you don't feel the atomosphere of the Millet's picture
because of many tourists and cars.

But if you go little away from the center,
you will find the world of 'The Gleaners' and 'The Angelus'.

From the train station of Chantilly to 'Cheateau de Chantilly'
it takes about half an hour, but it is pleasant to walk
through the forest and horse race track
(you may walk on the track if there is no event).

The outside view of the Cheateau is marvelous.
It seems like floating on the pond.

In the Cheateau, there is a museum.
You will find the works of Raphael, famous renaissance painter,
and the beautiful miniature painting 'Tres riches heures du Duc de Berry'.
It is a must-see place if you are art fan.

Chateau de Versailles
Entrance of Chateau de Versailles

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