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Study in France

Studying in France

Study in France

I will talk about what you should think about before studying in France.

The purpose of your study
If you want to study fashion, cuisine, pastry or ballet, you have a specific purpose.
So, you already decided which city and which school you will go.

But, if you want to learn just French language, you may be dithering.

Paris of provincial cities?

MontmartreIf you want to study language,
you can learn anywhere,
so you may be dithering
between Paris and small cities.

If you really want to master the language,
you should study in the small town,
to shut out your language.

If you are in Paris, you will meet many people from your country
and speak with them in your own language.

Other advantages of the small town are
- the price of comodity is lower (especially the house rent)
- the people are comparatively friendly

And disadvantages is that you may get bored in the small town life.
If you are in Paris, the price is higher, there are lot of pickpockets,
but it is full of historical places, museums and entertainments.

Though making friends with the same nationality people
is disadvantage to learn local language,
but you will be encouraged to be with them.
You can consult with them about finding appartment, job, school, etc.

I had a lot of Japanese friends when I was in Paris.
They are my best frineds even after 10 years.
Whenever we meet, we always talk about good old days!
They are like comrades in arms.

Homestay or rent an appartment?
It is a luck if you can meet a good family or bad family.
If you choose homestay, you probably expect a communication with the host family
to know the culture and to learn everyday conversation.
French family (image)
Of course there are many families
who will be like your real family,
but there are also many families who let you stay just for the money as well.

Unlike the U.S.A.
where you find many volonteer family
with the Protestant spirit,
most of the host family receive the students for business.

Basically breakfast and dinner are included.
One family may serve good meals and have with you,
but one family may just serve one tomato and you have to eat by yourself.
This is a true story!

One family may let you use laundry machine, refrigerator and telephone,
but one family may not let you use them.
If the family lives far from the school, it is a problem.

Many of the language school introduce you a family,
and if you have a problem, you can change the family.
But when you cannot speak french well,
it is hard to explain your problem and change family.

You have to know these risks if you choose homestay.

But on the other hand, finding an appartment is not an easy thing as well.
Though you may find one through internet before you leave your country,
it is important to know, for example, security of the area, convenience,
what kind of shops there are in the neiborhood and so on.

And you have to know the condition of the utilities (water, lighting, gas, etc).
There are a lot of trouble about the water supply condition.
You may have to call a repair as soon as you arrive.

My idea is that first you live with a family,
and try to find an appartment on the spot.
If you like the family, of course, you can stay with them longer.

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