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Hotel in France

The type of the hotel may be differed by the type of the travel you want.

The number of the stars
In France, they show the class of the hotel by the number of stars from 1 to 4.
The highest class is indicated by 4-stars L.
This standard is set by the French government.

But please notice, the number of the star indicates the objective data,
for example, the square measure and facilities.
So, it doesn't tell you the comfort of the hotel.

European style hotelThere are European style hotel and
American style hotel.
If your priority is just sleeping comfortably,
you should choose American style.

If you want to appreciate the history,
then you can choose European style.
They mainly use old, historic buildings.
The dimension and furnitures
may be differed by the room,
but you can enjoy the atomosphere.

If you reserve before your departure,
you can check the hotel by the guidebook or comment in the internet site.

If you stay in different cities,
you can choose mainly economy hotels
and stay in the delux hotel in the last destination.
It varies your travel.

Choose a hotel on the spot
You may find many hotels within the walking distance in Paris.
So, you can directly visit the reception of the hotel and reserve.
front desk
If you don't want to regret,
you should ask them to show the room.
Normally, they will show you.

You can also check how kind the front staff.
If they are not friendly,
you may not have a pleasent stay in the hotel
even if the room is good.

But there can be a problem with this way.
When there is a big fare,
the most of the hotels can be full and you have a difficulty to find a room.
If you have a heavy suitcase, it is a burden.
And the front staff may not be able to speak English in the economy hotel.

My good memory of wonderful economy hotel
Even the economy hotel can give you
much more impressive memory than a luxury hotel.

My experience in Madrid, Spain,
I stayed in the economy hotel 'Hostal Barrera' about 10 years ago.
It costed only 30 Euros, but the value was countless.

I stayed in this small hotel run by the family on Chiristmas Eve.
When I was about going out for dinner, the daughter of owner told me,
'All the restaurants in this area are closed because of the Chiristmas, tonight.'
'If you want, we can invite you to our home party.'
Can you imagine how I was delighted?

About 10 people (family and relatives) got together and wonderful dinner.
I felt strange feeling among them, but they talked to me very friendly.

The next day, I was going to check out for taking the night train to the next destination,
the owner took me to the station saying,
'This area is dangerous at night.'
This is the most impressive hotel in my life.

Hotel Crillon
Hotel Crillon

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